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MISSION: Our Mission is to present an annual celebration of the African influence in America and the international African Festival of Art for the enrichment of African cultural life in Houston Texas." THE DIVERSITY-CITY OF ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE"

The Houston African festival will be a major international African Arts and culture Festival as well as the Houston's premier African Arts festival with the international collaborations.

The Houston African Festival will also serve to enlighten the public interest in the African Arts and to encourage artistic brain storming and African exchange. The Festival will present a venue for emerging and establish artists to showcase their work on an international platform. Thereby creating opportunities for collaboration with other Artists and build new audiences.

The Houston African Festival Of Arts will feature the Best of local and international African Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Fashion Shows Poetry, Comedy, Film, African Design, Textiles, Foods( Taste Of Africa) and more from other African cultural expressions.

The Houston African festival of the Arts is comprised of collaborative development of the African Countries immigrants living here in Houston and other counties. For Africans, being active participants in the United States involves a degree of sharing of their culture with other members of their different communities, as well as amongst themselves.

Value, sharing and promoting African cultures contributes to understanding and s connection with other members of the community.

The African festival of the Arts-Houston will be an annual celebration of the African rich culture and heritage. It's going to be a timeless and jubilant celebration.

The goals of our Arts and Cultural projects are:

* To
Empower the community in artistic participation as a community understanding and community development.

* To promote arts as education tool and as means of communication between individuals, generation as a means of presenting and enhancing the African heritage.

* To create and nurture our unique and socio-cultural links and strengthen the community through Arts and Cultural Activities thereby expanding international understanding ,cultural enrichment and to provide opportunities for the exchange of artistic talents.

* To create a platform for the artists in Greater Houston areas to exhibit performance and share their art forms with the purpose of encouraging long-term relations and partnerships.

The Arts and Cultural programs will include: African Festivals, Youth art programs, Arts and Cultural collaborations and the community arts programs.

On the Community-Impacts; the Multifaceted Festival activities will link business with culture and community. The meeting point for Services/ Products/ Prospects /Reliable consumers in the diverse communities.

*** The African festivals will become the platform where business connects with culture and community***.

**** All the proceeds will benefit the Houston area educational programs, Houston Area women centers, Sound of Hope women center, Houston's homeless, and the African immigrant's development programs in Houston.

**** Africa continues to play an important role in Houston economy.

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