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Our Mission

The mission of the Houston African community International Inc , is to embrace all people of the great african nation and collective contributions of African culture. Our mission is addressed through our flagship programs:

A. The African International House - Located in Houston, will be a common ground for communication and exchanges between all African nations. Several activities will be available, African Ambassador's conferences, press events, African conferences, business meetings, and unity huddles. African business summits will provide platforms for new markets, potential business partners, networking opportunities with key African and US Officials to facilitate international camaraderie.

B. The African Community Center - Located in Houston, will serve the needs of African immigrants, African-born residents within the Greater Houston Area and the surrounding counties; providing diverse services, programs, and counseling that meet the needs of the most vulnerable segments of the African community. The African Community center is a reliable and innovative resource center for our elders, support to our children, and cultural expression for our countries.

C. The African Festival of Arts - Will be an annual event, promoting African-based cultures. Africans of all nations from all backgrounds form collaborations that build happier lives, and assist Houston's African community to maintain its rich cultural heritage. Some events at the festival will include the African Business Expo, where Africans can meet to display their goods and services while building business relationships. The African Museum will be showcasing different works of Art from all of the African Countries. A Taste of Africa, will educate you on the different types of food from the 5 regions of Africa, West Africa, East Africa, North Africa, Central Africa and South Africa.

I urge my fellow Africans to get involved in our mission for the sake of our American-born Children and our grandchildren; to serve Houston's African Immigrants living in the Greater Houston Area. Please support this non-profit organization in our African community. Become a sponsor, get involve, please call or send a tax deductible donation to keep this mission going for HACI-USA.

Thank you all!

Note from the Founder/President/CEO:

Dr. Gracie G. Chukwu

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