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The African community can be associated with distinct regions of origin as well as major language groups, the individuals and their families that now call Houston "home". By addressing ethnic groups, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, education, skills, talents we are able to hone in on the community needs through HACIUSA. African newcomers often found themselves adjusting to a society that is culturally, technologically, and foreign to them. Beyond the health epidemics, and governmental corruptions, each individual that arrives from Africa has a story that is full of details that depicts the challenges, successes, failures and the hope of living as an African within the United States. The services that HACIUSA Inc. will be involved in are grouped into five categories:

  • Healthcare/Human and Refugee services.
  • Education, Literacy, Training and Development.
  • Arts and Culture.
  • Youth Development
  • Community Integration, Advocacy and Special Services.

With our partners, community founders and supporters, HACIUSA Inc. will be managed by a board and sustained by both Africans and African-Americans.

The success of our day to day services and programs will impede upon Africans in Houston to actively participate and share in the benefits of living within the Greater Houston Area. Therefore, we invite you to part of us as we create history that will benefit not only the African immigrants and African origins but also our American-born Children and our grandchildren.

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